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Flux to Luminosity

Simple Flux ⇒ Luminosity conversion page

Warning: Not tested to death, use at own risk!
Note: No allowance is made for K-corrections or redshift-bandwidth effects
Maybe you actually wanted the Luminosity ⇒ Flux converter?

Convert Flux ⇒ Luminosity

Flux = input is log(F)?
At distance = using DL =Mpc
OUTPUT L = log10L =

Convert Flux Density ⇒ Luminosity Density and Luminosity

Flux density = input is log[Fν/Fλ]?
At wavelength = } Fill in one of these
OR at frequency =
OR at Energy =
Assuming a distance = using DL =Mpc
OUTPUT Lν or Lλ = log10 =
Output bandwidth =
OUTPUT ΔνLν or ΔλLλ = log10 =

Note, for redshift-to-distance calculations, this converter uses the analytical Luminosity Distance
approximation of T. Wickramasinghe & T.N. Ukwatta (2010), astroph-1003.0483
Which is valid for flat space cosmologies (i.e. ⇒ ΩΛM = 1) only.
Will be using the following (adjustable) cosmological parameters:
H0 = km s-1 Mpc-1, ΩΛ=, ΩM = ⇒ ΩΛM=

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